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she is cunning, and clever as hell
and she’ll eat you alive

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stay strong baby girl aos spoilers

SHIELD no longer exists. The agency has been labeled a terrorist organization.

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the science bus: its a plane not a bus aos spoilers


      Because I’m pretty sure that every minute of every day, you’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. At the academy, at Sci-Ops, this plane - you’ve been beside me the whole damn time.

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otp: jump out of a plane


Ollivanders Wand Shop

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hermione granger real life role model


Skye insists that they listen to angry 90s girl rock while Ward flies them to wherever

Ward thinks Skye just likes the songs, and it’s endearing as hell to watch her sing along to these songs he’s only kind of listening to, because he’s mostly just watching her

She knows what she’s doing, she knows that Ward has a weakness for her to be as painfully ‘quirky’ as possible, and she’s playing it up

But she also remembers these songs from when she was younger, and it’s not just an act.  She’s motivating herself.  She’s preparing for battle, and she’s doing it right in front of her target and he has no idea

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ooh good headcanon accepted instantaneously stay strong baby girl aos spoilers ship: 90 percent chance you might die


dark, twisted fantasy,
turned to reality

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stay strong baby girl new skye tag aos spoilers ship: 90 percent chance you might die


Let’s talk about happy Melinda May + Fitzsimmons moments:

Let’s talk about how much potential Melinda May saw in them, enough for her to trust them with her best friend’s body and mind.

Let’s talk about Melinda May taking them into the field for the first time, gently teasing Fitz about getting his hands dirty, and let’s talk about Fitz snarkily proving her wrong with his technology.

Let’s talk about how astonished the science babies are to find that they’re working with the Cavalry, how instantly relieved they are because the Cavalry was there and all was going to be okay.

Let’s talk about how the first smiles we see May give anyone but Phil are when she’s teasing Fitz and celebrating a victory with Jemma, about how she joins them for a beer rather than tucking herself away in the cockpit.

Let’s talk about Melinda May recognizing the fire in them both in the Asset when Fitz shoves her out of the way, and realizing that they are so much more than just the engineer and the biochemist.

Let’s talk about Melinda May going up against Phil when the science babies were almost killed, and let’s talk about her going after Amadour herself rather than risk them being hurt again.

Let’s talk about when how when everyone put the weight of the world on Jemma’s shoulders, it is Melinda May who sees that she’s just a kid. 

Let’s talk about Melinda May teaming up with Simmons and Skye to save Fitz, about her doing taichi to calm herself down when he and Ward were missing.

Let’s talk about Fitz snarking and making Melinda May smile, and Melinda appreciating his sense of humor.

Let’s talk about Melinda May pranking Fitz, a gentle teasing way of showing the science babies just how pranking is done.

Let’s talk about Fitz and Jemma seeking May out for advice, and trusting that May would know what to do, not just because she’s the Cavalry but because she’s their Cavalry, and that means she rescues them when they’re lost, both literally and figuratively. 

Let’s talk about Melinda May admiring Fitz’s work with weapons, and let’s talk about her exasperated fondness for him when he talks about monkeys.

Let’s talk about how Jemma must remind Melinda May of the light in the world, because with someone like Jemma existing how can there not be light?

Let’s talk about how much Melinda May has come to care for her ducklings, how much security they found in her and how much awe they have for each other. 

Let’s talk about Fitzsimmons borderline hero-worshipping the Cavalry, and let’s talk about them making sure that someone saves Melinda May, too. 

Let’s talk about how Melinda May starts out being the legend of the Cavalry to Fitzsimmons, and Fitzsimmons start out as science babies to Melinda May, but she comes to be their cavalry and they come to be her science babies, and how those tiny words - “theirs, hers, mine, ours” make all the difference in the world. 

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otp: jump out of a plane also melinda may is the bomb dot com
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we watched this in english class today I am in total agreement this is flawless it actually gave me so many feelings


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otp: jump out of a plane

What was needed, May?

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melinda may is not in this but says this also monkey wrench and shield science princess and also grant ward who is evil spoilers the science bus: its a plane not a bus

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wow that is so good aos spoilers ship: 90 percent chance you might die

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that\s adorable. philharmonic


childlike /ˈtʃʌɪl(d)lʌɪk/

(adj.) resembling or suggesting a child, especially: having or showing the pleasing qualities (such as innocence) that children often have.

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so adorable too cute to functionm basically otp: jump out of a plane


CARTER CENTURY: all hail the victory rolls
     ┖ anon requested: peggy + period fashion (or hairporn)

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peggy carter captain america flawless queen